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Deliver Safety

CCIC will help you to meet China's standards and regulations, also the requirements of retails and consumers to decrease the potential risks of health, food safety, and business, etc. We will assess your products of each process for compliance with applicable GB standards and regulations.

The rapid development of the Internet has brought about dramatic changes in our lives. How to eat and what to eat become a big issue, there are more and more choices, because of the “Internet". But is there a risk behind this choice?

The Internet is actually an information transmission tool, and the governance of food safety can be viewed from an information perspective. First of all, information prediction is a good tool. For example, through big data analysis, pre-judgment of foods that may constitute illegal activities on the Internet, and timely processing; on the delivery platform, for example, the user complaint information, food safety warning information and regulatory reports issued by the regulatory authorities, etc. Risk prevention in advance for specific areas and specific foods. Second, information fidelity or information accuracy is important. At present, it is more typical to use blockchain technology to ensure that links are connected to each other during information transmission to ensure data traceability.

When information is traceable to the guarantee of product quality, it is also an incentive for manufacturers, they are more willing to use this technology to prove the quality of their products. Finally, we must also make information public, through a large number of user information symmetry, so that consumers more realistically feel the product quality and safety.

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