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Integrity & Impartiality


Whilst integrity is about adherence to moral and ethical principles, impartiality is the principle of making decisions based on objective criteria, rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, over-familiarity, or preferring the benefit to one party over another for improper reasons.


CCIC New Zealand fully understands the importance of impartiality in carrying out its inspection, testing and certification activities. Our services are provided in a professional, independent and impartial manner, honestly and in full compliance with applicable industry and international standards, practices, approved procedures and policies.


CCIC New Zealand will identify and assess any risks in all relationships which may result in a conflict of interest or pose a threat to impartiality.


Our company, through the following values, aims to demonstrate its ethical conduct.

  • Adhering to ‘Integrity and Impartiality’ principles

  • Identifying and avoiding ‘Conflicts of Interest’ at all levels

  • Strictly ‘Complying with Laws and Regulations’ that are applicable to our business

  • Observing obligations of ‘Confidentiality’


Additionally, our inspection and testing services are fully committed to generating reliable data that is, accurate, complete and timely, as well as being honest in all dealings with clients, suppliers, fellow employees, and the company. Our certification is based on objective evidence obtained by CCIC New Zealand through a fair, impartial and reliable assessment, and is not influenced by other interest or parties.


All financial and other Company-related transactions are properly and accurately recorded with all book entries supported by proper documentation issued by bona fide parties. All records are retained in accordance with applicable laws and Company policies.

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