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Business Solutions


Registration Assistance

The registration form for foreign trade operators is qualified for obtaining import and export rights, that is, with this form, there is an import and export operation right, which can be used to handle the filing qualifications of the Customs, Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Only after these filing procedures are complete can you officially operate the import and export declaration business in your own name. 

Compliance Confirmation

CCIC will help you to meet China's standards and regulations, also the requirements of retails and consumers to decrease the potential risks of health, food safety, and business, etc. We will assess your products of each process for compliance with applicable GB standards and regulations.


Quality Assurance

CCIC provides on-site verification to improve quality assurance and ensure product authenticity. We help you to provide high-quality products to China to achieve a win-win situation for government enterprises and consumers.

Deliver Safety

We help you to meet China's food safety law and related regulations and standards to build trust & confidence between your products and Chinese consumers. Through CCIC's services and CCIC's label, we will deliver authenticity, reliability, safety and trustworthy products to your target customers. 


Brand Protection

CCIC provides a variety of query methods to offer consumers with product verification and traceability services which helps enterprises protecting their brand value. CCIC's traceability services include comprehensive anti-counterfeit function, quality assurance check, and self-developed global commodity traceability cloud platform. 

Processes of Exporting to  China

In import and export trade activities, compliance, cost and timeliness are often the fundamental elements for evaluating the effectiveness of the supply chain. The company's import and export, logistics, trade and other aspects of compliance with regulations and internal control policies are checked. CCIC NZ provides professional independence. Third-party advice and consultation to help companies export to China.

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