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1. What types of services does CCIC New Zealand offer?

Our services include: Consultancy, Certification & Audit, Testing, Inspection, Traceability system, Small parcel traceability.

2.What kind of industries are involved in CCIC New Zealand’s services?

CCIC NZ’s services are involved in dairy, food, health products, Manuka honey, wine, aquatic & fruits products, etc.

3. Does CCIC New Zealand can only help local enterprises to trade between New Zealand and China?

Even we are mainly focused on trade between NZ to China, we still can help local enterprises to export to other countries through CCIC’s international network.

4. What’s the scale of  CCIC around the world?

CCIC now owns approximately 400 offices, 300 cooperative labs, over 22,000 employees. CCIC’s business network covers major ports, cities and trade centers in over 30 countries and regions.


5. Can CCIC New Zealand help the manufacturer to apply for certification of  HACCP, GMP, Organic, etc?

Yes, CCIC NZ can apply for certification including Chinese HACCP, GMP, Organic and Eco-origin certification.

6. Can CCIC New Zealand help Chinese label design and assessment?

Yes, we will do assessment and design between the original label and the Chinese label to make sure its compliance.

7.How long does it take for registration and testing to meet China’s standards?

It depends on the categories of the products, for more information, please contact our staffs.

8. Is it easier to export to China while cancelling the first import filing of pre-packaged food labelling requirement in 1/Oct 2019?

It seems it’s easier to export to China, but which means if the product is not complied with Chinese regulations, once it has been found by the custom’s random check or product non-compliance hunter on the market, the risks will be recalling all the products or be fined strictly. 


9.What're the benefits if I use CCIC traceability system?

  • CCIC is the most reliable certification and inspection organization in China, Chinese customers will feel more confident with our traceability label.

  • Our traceability labels have the anti-counterfeit function, each label has a unique code.

  • There are marketing and promotion function of our traceability label, all the products details and information such as products’ characteristics, brand introduction, and video display can be showed by scan the QR code of our labels. 

  • All the data will be recorded, our clients can realize where their products been sold and bought. If the products have some issues, consumers can enquire with CCIC directly. 

  • It is a cost-effective and more impartial option rather than build your own traceability system. 


10. What’s the process and how long does it take to use the CCIC traceability system?

Step 1. You need to register and sign an agreement before CCIC NZ sends you the traceability label, we will do an on-site inspection to check the factory and warehouse. 

Step 2. You can upload all the verify information on our system.

Step 3. When you start producing products, our inspectors will do an on-site inspection during producing, once everything has been confirmed, we will activate the QR code. 

All the process can be done within 1 week.


11. What should I notice before exporting to China?

1. Before exporting to China, we usually advise our clients to confirm which channel do they choose, general trade or E-commerce, there are different regulations between those channels.


2. It is important to have brand registration in China to avoid copycats.


3. To make sure everything has complied with Chinese regulations, such as registration, Chinese label compliance, testing certification, etc. 


4. Counterfeiting issues in China when your products become more and more popular. 

For more information, please contact our staffs. 


12. What’s the value of bilateral trade between New Zealand and China?

The value of bilateral trade reached more than NZ$21 billion in 2015.

The goal of 2020 is set up to NZ$30 billion by two country’s leaders. (goods+service)

New Zealand (goods) Trade with China increased dramatically in the past 5 years rising from $120,20 million to $17,329 million  ( 2014~2018 ).


13.Can CCIC help us to apply cosmetics’ registration and testing for the Chinese market?

Yes, we can help cosmetics, health food registration and testing to comply with Chinese regulations.


14. Where can I find some of China’s official websites that have relevant regulations and requirements?

General Administration of Customs People's Republic of China

Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China

State Administration for Market Regulation

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