In order to avoid losses caused by compliance issues such as product composition, labeling, and quality in Chinese ports and sales markets, if you are not familiar with Chinese laws and regulations, product access, regulatory systems, product standards, Chinese labels, etc., You can contact our professionals for advice...

The certification of authority is an important proof of product quality and an important basis for government supervision, corporate and consumer evaluation of brands and their products. If you want to go deep into the Chinese market, getting Chinese certification will be important & essential...

Before exporting, it will be tested in accordance with Chinese national standards. Products that meet GB standards will be exported to China so that we will reduce your risk before entering into China's market...

On-site inspection and verification of export enterprises and products to ensure that the company's qualifications, production capacity, product quality, Chinese labeling, product promotion, product traceability, etc to meet Chinese regulatory requirements and Chinese consumers' expectations...

CCIC's traceability source relies on offline inspection and certification and online certification of the global commodity traceability cloud platform to ensure the safety, authenticity, and traceability of products exported to China, comply with relevant Chinese legal requirements and help companies display product information. To avoid product counterfeiting, sales channels, expanding marketing, promotion and brand awareness through product scanning...

The origination certificate of the postal parcel and the proof of postal parcel inspection allow consumers to trust your online shopping platform and logistics system, no longer worry about “false direct mail” and reduce complaints about online shopping products...

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