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Origin Trace

CCIC's traceability source relies on offline inspection and certification and online certification of the global commodity traceability cloud platform to ensure the safety, authenticity, and traceability of products exported to China, comply with relevant Chinese legal requirements and help companies display product information. To avoid product counterfeiting, sales channels, expanding marketing, promotion and brand awareness through product scanning...

Origin Trace (Authenticity & Traceability Certification)

CCIC traceability system is a quality proof traceability system developed by China Inspection Group from production to consumption, from farm to table, ensuring the safety, authenticity, and traceability of product exports to China and market circulation in order to comply with relevant Chinese laws, regulatory requirements and consumer shopping expectations.



1. All Process Traceability

All-the-way tracing from production to consumption, from farmlands to dinner tables

2. Global Services

CCIC global network is comprised of 400 branches, 300 laboratories (labs co-operated with partners included), 22,000 full-time employees and 30+ countries.

3. Authenticity Guarantee

By applying the leading technologies protected by international patents, CCIC traceability labels are randomly created and almost impossible to be duplicated. It could be conveniently employed to visibly monitor the logistic process and provide extra protection for the authenticity of products.

4. Real-time Authenticity Inquiry

The public consumer is capable to access ‘historical’ information and check if the product is qualified or certified for authenticity and traceability by simply scan the QR code on the traceability label with a smartphone.

5. Green Lane Clearance

CCIC traceability inspection certificate is accepted by CIQ at destination parts as the solid evidence of satisfying quality for exporting products which would provide huge benefits to the exporters.



  1. Application and basic information collection

  2. Initial assessment

  3. Laboratory testing and Certificate of Analysis (COAs)

  4. Chinese label design

  5. Inspection

  6. Label at the destination port

  7. Documents preparation

  8. Green lane clearance and Traceability Label Activate

  9. Following shipments

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