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Small Parcel Traceability

The origination certificate of the postal parcel and the proof of postal parcel inspection allow consumers to trust your online shopping platform and logistics system, no longer worry about “false direct mail” and reduce complaints about online shopping products...

Small Parcel Traceability

CCIC New Zealand officially launches overseas small parcel traceability system for cross border E-commerce from New Zealand.

Small overseas parcels are able to be certified to trace each process through the whole supply chain. All information will be uploaded into the traceability system such as departure warehouse, departure time, products inside, quantity, etc. for assure the authenticity of parcels from the original source. 

All processes including purchase, inspection, allocation, packing, and dispatching will be monitored and relevant data will be recorded. 

CCIC New Zealand auditors will conduct the regular audit for the warehouse management system, verify the consistency of order and product in the parcels, issue inspection certificate for providing the highly trustful compliant evidence for you. All these measures will make overseas online shopping truly more easy and reliable.

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