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On-site inspection and verification of export enterprises and products to ensure that the company's qualifications, production capacity, product quality, Chinese labeling, product promotion, product traceability, etc to meet Chinese regulatory requirements and Chinese consumers' expectations...

Inspection of agricultural products & food

We provide inspections of farms, production enterprises, packaging, logistics warehouses, and shipping sites to strengthen export products in compliance with laws and regulations, product standards, contract terms, packaging and transportation, operational specifications and customer requirements, and reduce the production of packaging for agricultural products. Problems in product quality, logistics, and product protection, etc. We will reduce trade risks and enhance quality trust for importers, brands, and manufacturers.


Scope of service :

  • Enterprise qualification and production management, hygiene condition assessment

  • visual inspection

  • Sampling test and test report conformity assessment

  • Label compliance test

  • Number of weight inspection and product monitoring and sealing

  • Offering the inspection reports or certificates and Internet presentations provide third-party endorsements for product compliance and authenticity.


Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) for recycling materials

The recycling solid wastes used as raw materials are legally allowed to be imported to China for recycling. CCIC New Zealand is authorized by AQSIQ (General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China) to do pre-shipment inspection in New Zealand and another undefined public area around New Zealand.


Applicant’s qualification :

The applicant should have the valid License of Registration for Overseas Supplier Enterprise of Imported Solid Wastes as Raw Materials issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine of the People’s Republic of China. Hereafter it is called in short ‘License’. Any supplier who wants to know how to apply or obtain the registration please go to the website.


Procedures :

1. The applicant provides an application no. generated by PSI Electronic System to CCIC New Zealand as well as the copy of License.

2. The applicant or its nominated supplier contacts CCIC New Zealand for booking an inspection. The details of contacts such as inspection Site, Inspection Time and contact person should be clear. Our inspector will carry on the inspection based on the information mentioned in the above.

3. Once the inspection is done and if it passed inspection, the Draft of Certificate will be sent to the applicant for confirmation. If failed, the notification of correction for re-inspection or Rejection Form will be sent to the applicant.

4. Upon confirmation of the Draft by the applicant, the certificate will be issued and printed, 1 original and 1 copy. The relevant invoice will be sent to the Applicant or nominated by the applicant for payment. Upon payment made, Certificate will be released and sent to the applicant or nominated receiver.


Things you should know :

1 The supplier should know and update new and updated requirement and regulations about the recycling materials of AQSIQ. And also organize the staff, especially new staff to learn and update the knowledge of China Environment Standards and relative information. For example, which material is prohibited and which can be carried in, but there is a limit (tiny percentage), etc. 

2 The application date must be earlier than the inspection date, otherwise, it is not acceptable.

3 The supplier should provide the convenience and facilities to the inspector(s) to ensure inspection done properly and smoothly.

Postal box inspection or postal inspection​

According to customer needs, we provide direct mail parcel product source verification, product circulation market verification, postal parcel inspection, postal parcel inspection and other services for cross-border e-commerce platforms, overseas warehouses, logistics companies, purchasing and health care stores.

Offering the inspection reports or certificates and Internet presentations provide third-party endorsements for the authenticity of postal parcels.

Inspection of Used Machinery And Equipment

CCIC New Zealand is well-equipped in terms of knowledge and experience in the business of exporting used machinery to China, including related laws and regulations, the China policy, safety and environmental protection, and inspection standards. True to our promise to provide customers with impartial, accurate and swift services, rest assured that we can help you to speed up the process of importing used machinery to China in compliance with the requirements of Chinese technical specifications and other related procedures.


Used mechanical and electrical products refer to one of the following:

  • Used mechanical and electrical products which have already been used, but products are still of basic function and value;

  • Used mechanical and electrical products which have not been used yet, but their expiry date has been over-due;

  • Used mechanical and electrical products which have not been used yet, but certain components have shown material loss;

  • Mechanical and electrical products assembled with new and old components;

  • Large-scale full set of second-hand mechanical and electrical products

To read more about the pre-shipment inspection of used machinery, please click here.

For Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the pre-shipment inspection of used machinery, please click here

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