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The job flow of used machinery and equipment pre-shipment inspection

• Applicant submits completed application documents.

The applicant applies to CCIC New Zealand for pre-shipment inspection. The application should be completed with signature and company stamp, especially the “Payment Particulars” should be filled in English. The application form and related documents should be scanned and sent to CCIC New Zealand by email. CCIC New Zealand reserves the right to reject application or issue certificate to applicant who provides false, inaccurate or incomplete information.


• Quote from CCIC NZ.

CCIC New Zealand would confirm whether the application content and associated documents meet the requirements, prepare the quotation and notify the applicant by e-mail in accordance with the application materials within 2 working days. The quotation includes inspection fees, travel expenses of the inspectors, and the certificate mailing fees.


• Importer/Exporter/Agent make payment.

Applicant (Importer/Exporter/Agent) acknowledges the quotation, arrange payment and send the bank transfer slip by e-mail to CCIC New Zealand.


• CCIC NZ schedule on-site inspection & do on-site inspection.

CCIC New Zealand would negotiate the date of inspection and other related matters with the applicant for the final confirmation of inspection, and draw up an inspection plan. If the applicant wants CCIC New Zealand to perform the inspection on a specific date, he/she should make an appointment at least 7 days in advance.


• Importer/Exporter makes corrections or prepares correction Plan (If non-conformity issues were found during inspection).

For on-site failed inspection, the inspector will promptly notify the importer/exporter, and usually require the importer/exporter to submit technical processing report or rectification planning within 30 days after the on-site inspection.


• Importer/Exporter provides correction plan or correction Evidence (If necessary).


• Certificate / Inspection report will be issued if correction result or plan is approved.

Inspection certificate and report will be completed after the customer provides all the necessary files (such as supporting material or technical processing report / rectification planning, etc.) (Note: the speed of the materials provided by applicants will directly affect the speed of the completion of the certificate). After the review, the certificate and report will be submitted to the authorized signatory for approval, and will be issued within 5 working days. The inspection certificates are generally 1 original and 3 copies, the inspection reports are 1 original and 1 copy. If customers have special requirements, please contact us in advance


• Certificate/Report will be sent by courier to the importer/applicant.

Pre-Shipment Inspection Certificate (1 Original + 3 Duplicates) and Pre-Shipment Inspection Report (1 Original + 1 Duplicate) will be posted to the address upon request.

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