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Registration Assistance

The registration form for foreign trade operators is qualified for obtaining import and export rights, that is, with this form, there is an import and export operation right, which can be used to handle the filing qualifications of the Customs, Import and Export Inspection and Quarantine Bureau. Only after these filing procedures are complete can you officially operate the import and export declaration business in your own name. 

Normally, the Chinese importer (agent, distributor, joint-venture partner, or FIE) will gather the documents necessary for importing goods and provide them to Chinese Customs agents. Necessary documents vary by product but may include standard documents such as a bill of lading, invoice, shipping list, customs declaration, insurance policy, and sales contract as well as more specialized documents such as an import quota certificate for general commodities (where applicable), import license (where applicable), inspection certificate issued by the General Administration of Customs China  (GACC) or its local customs (where applicable), and other safety or quality licenses. 


Importantly, before the product is imported into China, it is necessary to register as an importer on the official website of the Customs. In order to protect the local trademark from being infringed, so it is highly recommended to apply for trademark registration in China.

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