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China x New Zealand Trade & Digital Media Forum by Stylecom     中国新西兰贸易与数位媒体论坛

Delivering your brand to Chinese consumers, featuring key speakers from China’s leading commercial and media brands.


The event demonstrates key insights into China’s commercial and media environment. By understanding the trends and trade regulations, you can make smarter decisions in how you target Chinese consumers, establish your brand on the top social media platforms, and see a sustainable return on investment.

The event's key topcis are

- Uncover what Chinese consumers are really thinking and doing - understanding the consumer trends that have taken the market by storm.

- Explore China’s boom in e-commerce: how social media platforms such as WeChat, Douyin and Little Red Book have become the ‘one-stop shop’ through cutting edge innovation.

- CCIC New Zealand helps you understand the trade regulations between China and New Zealand to allow for a seamless transition into the Chinese market.

- Develop successful strategies in breaking into the Chinese market - what is best practice and how to utilise the right influencers and media for your brand.

Jason Yuan, the general manager of CCIC New Zealand, he shared the topic of " driving your success". Firstly, Jason introduced CCIC Group & CCIC New Zealand about who we are and what we do. And then focus on the opportunity & Challenge in China market. Also, he will briefly introduce some information and regulations of General Trade & E-commerce to China and how to comply exported goods to China. Finally, there are some cases show how CCIC New Zealand helps our business partners to be “Safe, Happy, Easy”to trade with China.


该活动的主要关键是 - 揭示中国消费者的真实想法和所做的事情 - 了解掀起市场风暴的消费趋势。 - 探索中国电子商务的蓬勃发展:微信,抖音和小红書等社交媒体平台如何通过前沿创新 成为“一站式服务”。 - 新西兰CCIC帮助您了解中国和新西兰之间的贸易法规,以便无缝过渡到中国市场。 - 开拓进入中国市场的成功策略 - 什么是最佳实践以及如何为您的品牌利用正确的影响者和媒 体。


The event will feature keynote speakers and panellist discussions who will share the leading case studies and tips for developing a Kiwi brand in China’s market.


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