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ExportNZ Seminar | Export to China Success in China 新西兰出口协会研讨会

ExportNZ Seminar

Talk by Stephen Xu, CCIC NZ

Last week in Hamilton, Stephen, our Manager of the Food Department, gave a talk at the seminar that was beautifully hosted by ExportNZ. Nearly 20 business leaders from the Waikato area joined us at the event. 

ExportNZ is a division of the BusinessNZ, New Zealand’s largest business advocacy body. The organisation has been focusing on supporting exporters through advocacy and lobbying, providing practical help and organising events such as networking events, award events, international business missions, conferences and seminars. 

Stephen was invited by ExportNZ to give a talk about things to consider for NZ businesses to export their products into China’s market. In a quick summary, the areas Steven focused on this time were:


(1) what NZ export businesses need to know and how to prepare in order to meet the compliance requirements from the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC);

(2) how to protect the brand and the products against certain market risks such as counterfeiting (which unfortunately is not a rare thing in China), distribution channel conflicting and so on.

Since the 1st of October 2019, it is not required anymore for Chinese labels of pre-packed food products to be registered with the GACC. Instead, the GACC now conduct random sampling, testing and label review once the imported products enter the market. This policy change not only shifts the responsibilities to ensure label compliance from the China Inspection and Quarantine (CIQ) to importers, but also brings risks, such as product recall, penalty, and damaging of company image and consumers’ trust. 

After introducing the policy change, Stephen talked in detail about the documents required by the GACC, the main GB standards (i.e., Guobiao, which means the Chinese national standards), along with case studies of rejected labels, which always give the crowd a little exclamation over how strict the rules are. Stephen then introduced two CCIC services - Chinese labeling (including original label review, formula & ingredients review, Chinese label design and so on) and full-process tracing. It is important to us to prepare New Zealand export businesses for meeting the Customs compliances, establishing credibility for bringing in products that are safe and authentic, and building trust with consumers. 

The seminar ended with people continuing the conversations in the hall by a table full of wine and an incredible cheese palette. The late afternoon sunlight shone through the big windows. And we are already looking forward to our next collaboration with the ExportNZ. 


ExportNZ作为新西兰最大的企业倡导机构 BusinessNZ 的一个部门,一直致力于通过向政府倡导和游说来为新西兰的出口企业提供支持、实际有用的帮助、和组织各种活动,如社交活动,颁奖活动,国际商务代表团,会议和研讨会等。





介绍了政策变更后,Stephen详细谈了中国海关要求的文件、相关国标的标准以及不合格标签的案例研究。之后则介绍了两项CCIC的服务 - 中文标签(包括原始标签复审,配方和成分复审,中文标签设计等)和全过程溯源。这些服务的宗旨在于为新西兰出口企业做好准备,使其在符合海关的合规要求的同时,能够创造更好的公司形象并与中国消费者建立信任。


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