China Market Business Exchange Seminar Held in Auckland 中国市场商务交流研讨会在奥克兰举行

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

10 July 2019 08:54   Source: New Zealand Huaxin Media

2019年07月10日08:54  来源:新西兰华新传媒

The China Market Business Exchange Seminar was held on July 6 at the Auckland Chaozhou General Assembly Hall. The seminar was co-hosted by the Huanqiu Network and the China Certification and Inspection Company New Zealand (CCIC NZ). The seminar was also hosted by the New Zealand China News Service “Belt and Road” Business Centre, China-New Zealand Economic and Trade Group, and the New Zealand Chaozhou Chamber of Commerce. 


Guests attended the meeting were: 

Kou Mengjun, Business Consul of the People’s Republic of China Consulate in Auckland; Chen Ankai, Deputy Consul of the People’s Republic of China Consulate in Auckland; Paternal Goodfellow, Chairman of the National Party of New Zealand; Dr. Yang Jian, Member of Parliament; Chen Naisi, representative of the New Zealand Labor Party; Paul Young, representative of Auckland City Councillor; Chris Lipscombe, Chairman of the New Zealand-China E-Commerce Alliance; Representatives of some well-known companies in New Zealand and local businesses and associations. 

应邀出席会议的嘉宾有:中华人民共和国驻奥克兰总领事馆商务领事寇萌君以及陈安恺副领事,新西兰国家党主席Peternal Goodfellow和国会议员杨健博士、新西兰工党的代表陈耐思、奥克兰市议员PaulYoung等当地政要,新西兰新中电商联盟主席Chris Lipscombe和新西兰的一些知名企业及当地商、协会的代表岀席了会议。

At the seminar, it was spoken highly of the 47 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between New Zealand and China. Ever since the signing of the New Zealand-China Free Trade Agreement 11 years ago, the resource advantage of New Zealand has been bringing more and more opportunities that mutually benefit the economic development of both New Zealand and China. 


Yuan Jiancheng, General Manager of the China Certification and Inspection Group (CCIC) New Zealand Company, delivered a keynote speech and spoke highly of the rapid development of the New Zealand-China trade in recent years.


In 2017, New Zealand ranked third among the 178 countries from where China imported food, second to the European Union and the United States. These data indicate increasing popularity of New Zealand food in the China market, and much room for growth in food trade between the two countries. 


Mr. Yuan Jiancheng talked about how to effectively avoid the problems and risks that currently occur in the cross-border trade of food between New Zealand and China. Mr. Yuan introduced a series of regulations issued by the Chinese government and relevant departments, as well as the promotion of China's food traceability system and strengthening of relevant requirements for the implementation of the traceability mechanism for cross-border e-commerce products. 


Mr. Yuan also talked about CCIC New Zealand as the third-party certification agency that provides a variety of services pertaining to the full process of production - supply - sales, such as inspection, HACCP and organic certification, Chinese labeling - all can be integrated by the CCIC traceability system. 


The staff of the Huanqiu Network introduced the “Belt and Road International Business Association Conference 2019” to be held in October this year, and welcomed New Zealand companies and brand products to develop trading relationships with China through the Huanqiu Network. 


At the seminar, the guests attending the meeting were entrusted by the organizer to issue appointment certificates to the six consultants hired by New Zealand on the Global Network.


The meeting was co-organized by New Zealand AFC Group Holdings Limited, New Zealand United Pharmaceutical Factory, New Zealand Cross-border E-commerce Alliance, New Zealand Liaoning Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand Hunan Chamber of Commerce and New Zealand Hainan Chamber of Commerce. 本次会议由新西兰AFC集团控股有限公司、新西兰联合制药厂、新西兰跨境电商联盟、新西兰辽宁商会、新西兰湖南商会和新西兰海南商会协办。

It was everyone’s wish to seize the opportunities in the rapid development of New Zealand - China trade, and to strive to elevate New Zealand-China trade relations to a new level. 他们期待在新中贸易的快速发展中,抓住机遇、互利互惠,努力把新中贸易关系提升到一个新的水平。


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