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Consul General Ruan and Consul Kou Visited CCIC New Zealand 阮平总领事一行莅临中检新西兰公司指导工作

On the morning of November 15, 2019, Consul General Ruan Ping and Consul Kou Mengjun of the Consulate-General of China in Auckland visited CCIC New Zealand. At the meeting, they provided guidance to our work and visited our food testing laboratory.

General Manager Yuan Jiancheng briefed Consul General Ruan and Consul Kou on the vision, mission, qualifications and service areas of the China Certification and Inspection Group. Mr. Yuan introduced the key role and national responsibilities of the company in the construction of the “Belt and Road Initiative” and the national quality improvement strategy.

It was also briefed that CCIC New Zealand, as an overseas branch of the CCIC Group, had carried out work to facilitate China-New Zealand trade, as well as to ensure the product safety and quality compliance of New Zealand food exported to China. Such work had been carried out under the guidance of the idea of “being a good national team and creating a national brand name”, and included certification, testing, overseas pre-inspection, traceability and promotion of Chinese regulations and standards. 

It was discussed in depth regarding the regulatory requirements for the production and quality supervision of dairy and nutrition products in China and New Zealand. Through the Traceability Cloud Platform, Mr. Yuan showcased some of the cooperative businesses that had entered Chinese market and expanded their businesses through CCICNZ’s tracing services.  

Executive Officer Lu Ming introduced to Consul General Ruan the testing capabilities and construction of the food testing laboratory. Consul General Ruan affirmed the positive role of CCIC New Zealand in China-New Zealand trade as an overseas quality inspection agency. It is also recognised that overseas quality inspection and traceability systems play an important role in ensuring food safety. Mr. Ruan urges us to tell the Chinese story and keep Chinese people assured regarding food safety, and that to seize the opportunities in 5G development and fast technological renovation.

Mr. Ruan also advised to strengthen the cooperation with IT industry giants, and realise the potential of the CCIC traceability system. It was everyone’s hope for CCIC New Zealand to become a key for kiwi businesses to open the door to Chinese market, and to increase the accessibility of New Zealand’s high-quality products and natural food in Chinese market.



吕明执行官向阮总领事一行介绍了食品实验室的检测能力和建设情况。阮总领事首先肯定了中检新西兰公司作为海外质检机构对中新贸易的积极作用,肯定了海外质检和溯源系统对食品安全的保障作用,要求我们讲好中国故事,让中国老百姓更为放心,要抓住5G机遇和IT技术更新换代较快的特点,加强与IT 行业龙头的合作,让溯源系统发挥更大的作用;希望中检新西兰公司成为新西兰本地企业通往中国发展的一把钥匙,让更多的新西兰优质产品和天然食品出口中国,满足中国人民对美好生活的需求。


China Certification and Inspection Group - New Zealand Company

15 November 2019



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