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Seminars on Chinese label for imported pre-packaged food held in Auckland 宣传海关新规--中文标签研讨会在奥克兰举行

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

General Administration of Customs of P.R.China (GACC) released the Notice on Matters of Import and Export Pre-packaged Food Label Inspection, Supervision and Management early this year. From 1st October 2019, filing requirement will be cancelled for labels of pre-packaged food imported first time into China for the convenience of custom clearance. The "first time import" will no longer be emphasized, which means that the Customs will conduct sampling inspection on labels for every import. Under the new label supervision mode, the main responsibility of importers and manufactures is further emphasized. The importer shall be responsible for examining and verifying the labels of imported pre-packaged food, and shall provide qualified proofs, origin label, translation of origin label and sample of Chinese label.

To assist NZ export enterprises in adapting to these changes and to give them a better understanding of relevant laws, regulations and standards on Chinese label, then avoid potential trouble and loss caused by unqualified Chinese label, CCIC New Zealand CO. Ltd. (CCIC NZ) organized two seminars on Chinese label (29/08/2019 and 9/9/2019) with New Zealand China Trade Association (NZCTA), ASB Bank and The Employers and Manufacturers Association (EMA) in Auckland.

The manager of food department from CCIC NZ, Stephen Xu, introduced laws, regulations and standards of Chinese label, analyzed several case studies and gave detailed explanations and answers raised by the audience. The CEO of NZTCA Jeff Shepherd and Manger of ASB Bank Canny Cao were the hosts of these seminars. Nearly one hundred representatives from different enterprises and organizations participated.



中检集团新西兰公司食品部经理徐航主讲了中文标签有关的法律法规、标准并列举了不少案例,还对代表们提出的问题做了详尽的解答。NZCTA的执行总裁Jeff Shepherd先生和ASB银行经理Canny Cao女士分别主持了两场大会,近百家企业代表参会。

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